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Thief takes guns, thousands of dollars’ worth of items from cars in Greenwood neighborhood

GREENWOOD, Ind. - Residents in the Carefree North neighborhood are frustrated after learning about a number of car break-ins that happened Friday morning. There were at least seven break-ins reported to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

Reports filed with the sheriff's office said two guns, gift cards meant for employees, and a garage door opener were just some of the things stolen from cars.  A neighbor's video surveillance system caught the possible thief. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office said it looks like the lone suspect got spooked by the paper delivery person and hid until the carrier went down the road. Deputies said it will be hard for law enforcement to catch him without the public's help. They believe this type of theft is not going away and is being perpetrated by several different groups.

"Lucky Lane, you know, hasn’t been so lucky," said Julie Mennel.

Mennel and her family just moved to her home on Lucky Lane three months ago. She was a target on Friday morning. She said the thief smashed her window and took her wallet from her locked car.

"I was upset. Now I have to replace two windows," she said.

Just a few streets over, Kevin Richard's car was broken into. He said they stole his $1,000 drone that he has had for a month.

"About two years ago, I had my golf clubs stolen and I think there were multiple break-ins during that time too," said Richard.

Phil Campbell found his stuff scattered all over his seats in his truck. Thankfully, he did not keep anything valuable inside. He said he does keep it unlocked on purpose, though.

"Unfortunately, some people just don’t want to work. They want to grab hard-earned products that other people have spent their lives for and as a result they just take them," Campbell said.

Several residents said after this rash of break-ins, they have decided to install a video surveillance system. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office is urging people to put their cars in the garage when possible.