Bloomington woman trapped in car finally rescued 43 hours later

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A Bloomington woman is recovering in the hospital after spending most of the weekend trapped in her car.

Police say the 69-year-old lost control and drove off North Kinser Pike on Friday afternoon. It wasn’t until Sunday morning that she was finally rescued.

“I mean something wasn’t right," said neighbor Terri Boas.

Boas lives across the street from where the victim’s car crashed deep into a wooded area. She told first responders she didn’t see anything but, starting Saturday, she heard a car horn honking over and over.

“We thought it was just a car alarm. Sunday morning it was a little more insistent, so I called the police non-emergency number because I didn’t see an emergency, but I thought it was a possibility,” said Boas.

Investigators say shortly later, another neighbor walking her dog spotted the car stuck in the woods. One side was damaged and the other was pinned next to trees. First responders had to cut a path just to reach the victim and then cut more to rescue her.

“We really don’t run into this incident that often where someone is in a vehicle for that long of a period. I’m sure that’s a good outcome for the situation she was in for that amount of time, that is a long time to go without water and it’s been a hot week,” said Sgt. Bryan Hutchinson with the Bloomington Fire Department.

Police say the victim’s name is Evelyn, but her family asked FOX59 not reveal her last name. She wasn’t severely hurt but was dehydrated.

FOX59 talked to the woman's family, who said she's doing better but is still exhausted. She wants to thank the neighbors who called for help. Boas says she didn’t need a thank you--she just wants a stranger to know she cares.

“I just think it was the right thing to do and I just hope someone is paying attention if I’m in trouble.”

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