Former child star best known as Goldberg from ‘Mighty Ducks’ arrested for public intoxication

Shaun Weiss from the Mighty Ducks (left) and after his recent arrest (right)

OROVILLE, Calif. – The actor best known for his role as Mighty Ducks goalie Goldberg was booked for public intoxication over the weekend in northern California.

Shaun Weiss, now 38, looks nothing like the exuberant goaltender he played in the trilogy of 90s Disney sports movies.

According to TMZ, police arrested Weiss around 1 a.m. Saturday and took him to jail. He was let go with no charges filed and without being cited.

Last year, Weiss was arrested on a possession of a controlled substance charge after police found him with methamphetamine. That arrest came just a few days after he was sentenced for stealing $150 in merchandise from an electronics store.

While best known for his role as Greg Goldberg in the Mighty Ducks, Weiss also appeared in Freaks and Geeks, Boy Meets World, Heavyweights, The King of Queens and a web comedy series called Why Not Weiss.