Warm streak reaches day eleven; Rain chances rise mid-week

Our warm streak reaches day 11. All but the first and second of the month have been at or above normal and August 2018 is now running nearly 5° warmer than last August to date.
The warmth will continue into Tuesday when area thermometers warm to nearly 90-degrees. While 90s have been absent for over a week, Sumner 2018 is among the warmest 14% on record and currently ranks 21st warmest.
There are indications that dips in the eastern half of the nation will allow temperatures to cool back to near if not just below normal entering the the 3rd week of the month.  We will monitor trends.
No rain here for five days but spotty showers and storms were roaming in minimal coverage since Friday.   While most did not receive rainfall, the threat for rain will increase by daybreak Wednesday. Additional dips or ‘troughs’ in the jet stream are forecast over the next several days which brings a daily rain chance to the forecast. The only area-wide rain free day in the forecast is Tuesday.