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City leaders push for more technology for IMPD

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – City leaders are pushing for technology enhancements for IMPD as the mayor unveils a proposed budget focusing in large part on public safety.

The $1.1 billion proposed plan includes $700 million towards public safety and criminal justice. Part of that includes money for anti-crime technology for police. It's something Councilors Scott Kreider and Jared Evans said they worked across the aisle to collaborate with the mayor's office and IMPD to push for more technology.

"It's not a Democratic thing, it's not a Republican thing," Councilor Evans said.

"We have a similar focus and vision to have our city better," Councilor Kreider said.

The councilors said the evidence-based technology they're pushing for costs nearly $2 million. It includes investing in infrastructure, replacing and adding surveillance cameras and getting access to a larger database for license plate readers. Outside of the budget, they're looking into a pilot program for shot spotter technology to help track and respond when gunshots occur.

"It enhances officer safety, it allows us to get suspect information, it allows us essentially to be on scene before we're actually on scene," IMPD Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham said.

The technology will help provide real time information to officers.

"Before we get any of that we have to build a sound infrastructure essentially like at your house. You pay a cable bill and you pay a Wi-Fi bill. If you have your own network you can make that cost neutral by building your own network and not having to pay that," Cunningham said.

The proposed budget also includes money for a net gain of 30 more officers for IMPD.