Daily rain chances continue with slow improvements coming

Showers are scattered and rainfall is selective Wednesday afternoon and evening.  Rainfall totals late day are reaching a half-inch in east-central Indiana late Wednesday afternoon under a few downpours.
There will be showery spells but plan for many rain-free hours and gaps this evening.   A chance of a t-storm is still in the offing and under a thunderstorm or two, some locally heavier totals are possible.
Off rainfall generating machine forecasts, a six model average of 1.3″ continues specifically for Indianapolis with a range from .92″ to 1.63″.  It is worth repeating that the rain will come in spells.
The rain threat continues is scattered fashion again Thursday with those showers increasing during the heating of the day. While there is a daily rain threat, the coverage will diminish entering the weekend. Showers will be less numerous Friday and Saturday with perhaps the best rain threat coming early Saturday.
AN UPDATE for the weather center, Sunday still appears to be the better of the two days and we have now removed the isolated storm threat for Sunday as well.