Man who brutally beat owner of Acapulco Joe’s sentenced to over 34 years

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The man who brutally beat the owner of a downtown Indianapolis restaurant in March has entered a plea agreement and was sentenced on Wednesday.

Maurice Dunlap pleaded guilty to aggravated battery, theft and attempted fraud in connection with the attack. He also pleaded guilty to an unrelated robbery charge.

As a result of the plea agreement, prosecutors say Dunlap was sentenced to a total of 34 years and about 8 months with an initial Department of Corrections sentence of 24 years and 8 months. He will then serve a 5 years executed on Community Corrections. He will serve 1 year of probation with 5 years of suspended time.

"I think the judgement is fair. You can't throw somebody in prison forever and keep them there. Our judicial laws are not made that way. So the best thing we can do is try to do supervision and keep him corrected as long as we can," the owner of Alcapulco Joe's, Grant Redmond, said.

Police say Dunlap was on a blind date at Acapulco Joe’s when his card was declined and he tried to leave without paying. The credit card turned out to be stolen, according to police.

Dunlap ended up beating Redmond, so badly he left him in critical condition.  Court documents said he had difficulty talking and putting together cognitive thoughts after having part of his skull removed to relieve pressure.

"I mean to have your brain injured on this side and all the sudden you can't function or talk like you're supposed to is very difficult," Redmond said. "Then to be told in the emergency room they're taking you to surgery right now because if they don't you're going to die is very tough."

Days before Redmond's attack, Dunlap was also accused of attacking an elderly man and stealing his cards. He plead guilty to robbery resulting in serious bodily injury in that case as part of the plea agreement.

FOX59 did some digging into Dunlap's criminal history. Last April, police say Dunlap ran from officers when they spotted him casing a store on the southwest side.

According to court documents, he was actually on probation at the time after he was convicted of posing as an IU Health employee and stealing from employees.

Redmond said the prosecutor kept him updated throughout the agreement and gave him the option to say no to it.

"They need to know we've taken another bad person off the street, away from the public and they need to support the police and the prosecutors as much as they can because those people work very hard," he said of what the community should know.

Today, Redmond is still recovering, he has headaches and problems with his eye, but is back at work.

"It's been good for me. My customers have treated me very well, the community's treated me very well," he said.

He said you can't change the past only the future and is focused on moving forward.

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