Your Town Friday: Rossville

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Rossville, Ind. - For this week's Your Town Friday we're heading to the town "where you feel at home!"

Rossville, about 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis, sits where State Roads 26 and 39 meet in the northwest corner of Clinton County.

It was incorporated in 1870 when 339 people lived there. Within a few years, Rossville was thriving with three doctors, seven stores, a hotel and much more.

There have been trials for the town, like the fire of 1912 which destroyed 17 businesses, a devastating flood in 1913 and a tornado in 1961.

Today 1,600 people live there.

"My husband and I, we both grew up here and we can’t imagine raising our kids in any other town," said The Town Shoppe owner, Kristine Morris.

Down the road, Fred Rodkey runs a business as well, and his has been around nearly 100 years.

"My grandfather started the business in 1927," said Rodkey, owner of Rodkey New Holland Incorporated, a full service farm equipment dealership. "In 1968 he built this facility."

And Rodkey appreciates his descendants played a big part in the town making its mark.

"My grandfather started out selling threshing machines and steam engines and obviously he saw the coming of the tractor.  Of course it transitioned from all tractors and self-propelled combines and now we have auto guiding systems that drive the tractor for you."

He carries on the family tradition while raising one of his own.

"My youngest is 14 and my oldest is 26! You know everybody and it’s a pretty tight knit community. We have a fantastic school. Our Rossville High School and Elementary is one of the best in the state."

And Rossville Consolidated Schools is undergoing a 3 year, $20 million upgrade right now.

Rodkey says the small town feel never leaves, but things do change.

"Businesses come and go. The school has grown. The dynamic of the town has changed. Where you used to have stay-at-home moms in the town of Rossville all the time, people now migrate to their jobs in Lafayette or Kokomo or Lebanon. That’s the nice part about Rossville. They say from the intersection at Rossville you can go anywhere in the world!"

Rodkey also happens to be president of the Rossville Business Association and he's busy now getting ready for the town's big Summer's End Festival.

That's one thing Mike Beard looks forward to every year.

"Rossville is wonderful community," said Bear. "We tend to come together in times when people are in need and we always have a lot of fun celebrating the Summer’s End Festival."

It's the 35th year for the festival and this year it's August 24-26 at Rossville Park. There is a street fair, car and bike show, fireworks and much more. The parade is that Saturday at 10 a.m.

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