People train for potential active shooter situations

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind - Many officers and other rescue crews train and plan for active shooter situations, but the everyday person might not be as prepared.

The Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events training aimed to equip people with some tips and tools to use in case they ever find themselves in a situation.

The training involved a lesson and a real-life simulation.

Some advice given at the training was to always know where exits are in buildings and to not immediately run-and-hide during a shooting.

A Noblesville High School student at the event went last year and said he was prepared when the school was on loc-down during the middle school shooting.

“If the shooter would come to my school I would have known what to do if it would’ve happened so it just prepares you for the worst,” Josiah Baiza said.

IMPD led the training and it was the second year of the event.

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