Ghost employment allegations at City of Anderson Transit System under investigation

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ANDERSON, Ind.– Indiana State Police are investigating allegations of “ghost employment” at the City of Anderson Transit System (CATS).

The Indiana Office of Inspector General’s ghost employment rule in the ethics code simply states, “Don’t work on anything outside your official job duties.”

The official rule is as follows:

“A state officer, employee or special state appointee shall not engage in, or direct others to engage in, work other than the performance of official duties during working hours, except as permitted by general written agency, departmental or institutional policy or regulation.”

Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings confirmed state police obtained a subpoena in connection with the investigation. It was approved on Aug. 16 Magistrate Jason Childers.

It’s unclear at this time who the employee in question is or what duties were being performed outside the scope of the transit system.

Cummings said the investigation has been going on for a long time and is ongoing.