Camels in the Cornfield- yes it’s a real thing!

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KOSCIOSKO COUNTY, Ind—Some would say this is a fitting start to your hump day.

There’s a new trend in the US, and you might not have heard about this one before. Products, made with camel milk.

And yes, a couple from northern Indiana is capitalizing on that idea.

River Jordan Camel Dairy in Milford began three years ago by the Blakeslee’s, when wife Amber got an idea.

“I was thinking why am I mowing all of this grass when we could be getting an animal out here to help with it,” Amber said.

After doing some research, the couple decided to purchase their first camel, and haven’t looked back since.

“We have people all over the state, all over the country, purchasing our products from California to the East Coast,” Amber explained.

Products, include soaps and lotions, made from camel’s milk produced in the Hoosier state.

Bloomberg News reports camel milk has five times the vitamin c and ten times the iron compared to cow milk.

Some claim it improves digestion, reduces food allergies, helps moisturize and even-out skin tones.

“We have seen an improvement in our daughter, who when she was a baby she had eczema, she had severe eczema. She is now eczema free,” Amber said.

These days, these farms hosts group tours, and say the interest they’ve received from people near and far, has been astounding.

“That’s what intrigued us the most. That there’s a real history behind the milk, something that we don’t come across in our ordinary lives,” said co-owner Luke Blakeslee.

The Blakeslee’s are also in the process of working with a local creamery in Noblesville to make ice cream from camel milk then plan to sell it at area stores.

You can also buy all of their products online.

This weekend, the farm is hosting a group tour. for more information on the farm and their products, click here.

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