Court docs: Homeowner identifies men who pistol-whipped, robbed him via Facebook search

Rogers (left), Moran (right)

HENRY COUNTY, Ind. – Three men were arrested after police say they pistol-whipped a homeowner and tied him up before robbing him.

Police first began investigating the robbery on August 14 when they received a call from a trash truck driver. He was traveling on US 36 when he saw a man “hopping in the road.” The driver could see he was bound with his hands behind his back, tape around his ankles, and duct tape around his upper torso.

The driver called police, and the man said he had just been robbed.

The victim said he was asleep on his couch when three men broke into his home.

According to court documents, he recognized one of the men as Logan Rogers, who he said had done some work on his house.

The victim then said he was pistol-whipped and tied up with duct tape. The three men each took turns watching him while removing items like his TV, laptop, and air-conditioning unit from his home. He said he was held at gunpoint for 20 to 30 minutes.

Court documents say the victim was able to identify the other men by searching Rogers’ Facebook friends.

Logan Rogers, Tyler Moran, and Darrick Sullivan were arrested and charged with robbery, criminal confinement, and battery.

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