‘Each picture was better than the next’: 7th grader’s green shirt leads to hilarious school picture fail

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A Missouri mother thought her son’s bright green shirt would go well with the background for his school pictures.

She was thinking that background was gray or taupe. It turned out to be green—and the pictures are hilarious.

Laurel Boone Hutsell shared her story with LoveWhatMatters.com. She recalled the conversation she had with her son, Carter, before picture day at school. Carter likes “dry-fit” golf shirts and has several of them in different colors.

She didn’t want to send him to school in a gray one because she thought it would blend it with the background. The navy blue one was out because he’d worn that one before. As for the darker turquoise one, he’d donned that one that for his sixth grade picture.

Carter and his mom decided on the bright green shirt. With that out of the way, she reminded him to smile and make sure his hair looked good.

But there was a problem: when Carter came home from school, he told his mother he probably shouldn’t have worn the green shirt.

“It will probably blend in with the green screen they used,” he told his mother, who was aghast that the school used a green screen instead of the expected gray/taupe background.

The real treat: when Lauren saw the proofs of Carter’s school photos. You can see Carter’s head and arms “floating” in the pictures and nothing else other than the backdrops replacing the green screen.

“Each picture was better than the next. The flags? That autumn scene with the fence? I really couldn’t believe my handsome boy’s head and arms were just floating there,” she wrote. “I showed my husband and we got such a good laugh from it. And guess what? His smile and hair are PERFECT! HA!”

Lauren posted the proofs on Facebook and ended up making the post public. It’s gotten a lot more attention than she ever expected.

“I have received tons of messages from other moms, thanking me for sharing this #momfail and for making them laugh,” she wrote. “Lots of people are commenting about how handsome my son is and how much this has brightened their day. This is a memory and a story we’ll have to tell for a lifetime.”

Her original Facebook post has more than 8,000 comments and 33,000 shares.

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