We’re not done with the heat!

Enjoy the refreshing, cooler, less humid air while you can. We’re tracking another heat wave by the end of the weekend. So far, August has pulled in 14 days with above average temperatures. However, only 3 of them have been in the 90’s. That will change before the month is out.

We’re nowhere near the record for rainfall in August. However, the above normal amounts we’ve seen have nearly knocked out the summer and yearly deficit we’ve had.

It will be a great evening for baseball at Victory Field. Plus, it’s $1 menu night! Plan on breezy conditions and temperatures in the lower 70’s around first pitch at 7:05 PM.

By early tomorrow morning, we’ll likely being seeing some of the coolest temperatures we’ve had since mid June.

After a cool start, Thursday afternoon will be a lot like today. Sunshine and below average temperatures will dominate the day.

Like I said, the refreshing weather won’t last long. We get hit hard with the heat and humidity as we head into the weekend and early next week. Feels Like temperatures are forecast to be near 100° for several days. Stay hydrated and find ways to take breaks from the heat.

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