Wish for Our Heroes grants family’s wish to sleep better after daughter suffers seizure

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Imagine not fully sleeping for months because you're worried about your child having a seizure in their sleep. That was the case for a local military family.

But now, they'll rest easier after Wish for Our Heroes granted them a sweet dream.

7-year-old Kiya Jim was born with a cardiac tumor. At just three days old, she had emergency surgery to remove the tumor from her heart.

She suffered a stroke during the procedure. 7 years later, that caused her to have a seizure. Now, the family is on edge waiting to see if Kiya will have another one.

"Just kind of watching over her like a hawk. I've been staying up until 4 and 5 in the morning every single night since this has has happened. It's been a huge stress for all of us making sure she's being watched on," her dad Che Jim said.

So dad, Private First Class Che Jim stepped out of his uniform and put on his dad cape and reached out to Wish for Our Heroes. The family asked for a SAMi Camera and an Emfit MM seizure monitor to look over Kiya and detect a possible seizure.

"Having these things means so much because at least we're able to know while we're at home, while we're asleep and while we're at our most vulnerable that she's watched over and we can react if something were to happen," Jim said.

Wish for Our Heroes is a completely volunteer organization and they run off of donations. Stanley Security held a fundraiser to help grant this wish.

"It'll never get old and the day you know seeing the little kid's smile and I'm a father too and I just couldn't imagine not going to sleep at night because you're worried about your kid dying," Wish granter Erich Orrick said.

The family says this has given them true peace of mind.

"This is life changing for us and so I wanted to say thank you to them and everyone involved for making this happen for us," Jim said.

Head to Wish for Our Heroes if you would like to donate and help grant a future wish.

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