Crew working on Delaware County bridge finds 80-year-old note

ALBANY, Ind. – A crew working on a bridge in Delaware County came across a real blast from the past: a letter from the workers who built it eight decades ago.

According to officials in Albany, workers were using a jackhammer to break up concrete last week on the Water Street Bridge/Bridge 701 when they came across a glass jar. The jar broke when it hit the ground—but it was the paper inside that got the crew’s attention.

When they unfolded the tattered piece of paper, they found the names of 17 people who worked on the bridge in 1938 and 1939.

The note is titled “List of last crew working on the bridge, May 16th, 1939.” It lists the names of carpenters, cement finishers, laborers, a tool checker, concrete mixer operator, carpenters’ helpers and timekeeper.

The note concludes with a simple request: “Should this list at some later date be found, please publish in Albany and Muncie newspapers.”

Photo courtesy Town of Albany Facebook page

The town of Albany posted the photo on its Facebook page last week. City officials are asking any family members of the 30s bridge crew to contact them:

If any of these workers were from your family, and you have a picture of them, please send it to We would like to honor the crew members by recognizing them. We will be posting this picture on our Facebook page also and would like family and friends of crew members to share a memory of them. If you heard any stories about the bridge construction from these crew members, please share that with us.

The town plans to put the note on display.

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