Security app allows Marian University students to call campus police

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Security is top of mind as students across central Indiana go back to school. Marian University said it's been beefing up security for the last few years. Now, everyone on campus can reach police through a new app on their phones.

Thousands of students are back for classes at Marian and school officials did not waste any time to bring up security. Some freshman said safety was a topic of discussion during orientation.

"I think about safety a lot actually. I think about it whenever I’m walking at home by myself or whenever it’s dark," said Kendall Wyatt, a freshman.

University police said there have not been any serious emergencies on campus but they are not taking any chances. Over the years, the university has added 13 emergency call boxes, more security cameras and a couple officers.

"The area around us is typically safe and quiet but like any other community it has its opportunities to have its troubles," said Steve Dickey, Marian University police.

Two years ago, the university made it easier for students and faculty to call campus police. They launched a safety app called CampusShield. Just by clicking a button, the user can call campus police and let them know exactly where he or she is. It also allows anyone on campus to submit a tip to officers. The user can even send a photo or video with a description of the situation they are reporting.

"Everything we do is electronic now so it makes it very easy to be able to call for help if something has happened," said Kami Katra, a junior.

Most students said they have never felt unsafe but they have noticed more security. Students said they feel secure knowing measures are in place to keep them safe.

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