Owner of Beech Grove python agrees to give up snakes to avoid fine from city

Benny Tarplee with his python Vine

BEECH GROVE, Ind. – The owner of the Burmese python that infamously got loose in Beech Grove earlier this year has agreed to give up his snakes.

Owner Benny Tarplee was facing a fine of $2,500 after his python named Vine was loose in the city for several days.

Tarplee believes the 14-foot snake got out because someone accidentally left her cage unlocked. She was later found under the owner’s shed, but not before people online had some fun. A parody Twitter account was created in her honor.

Once Tarplee gets rid of his snakes and signs an affidavit confirming he has done so, the city says it will drop the fine. Additionally, he will have to give up his DNR permit to rehabilitate snakes.

An attorney for the city says this addresses safety concerns of neighbors and residents.

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