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Southeast side residents say they can’t get city to fix massive, disgusting hole in alley

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Neighbors on the southeast side are calling us for help after they say a hole in their alley has gotten so big it has become a health and safety hazard, and the city won’t fix it.

“It doesn’t go away,” said resident Barbara Greathouse.

It’s almost like having a bad neighbor, one that Greathouse has been having to put up with for years.

She said the giant hole never dries out, and the scummy water breeds mud wasps and mosquitoes; adding that nearby new home construction has made it worse over the past few months.

“The heavy trucks coming through here have torn it up,” said Greathouse.

She said multiple calls to the city by several neighbors have gotten them nowhere.

“They just keep telling us well we’ll send somebody out there to look at it but nobody has ever come out and looked at it,” said Greathouse.

Other neighbors like Bruce Wilson have even thought about fixing it themselves.

“But I don’t really think it’s my responsibility to take care of the city’s alley,” said Wilson.

On Monday, we called the mayor’s office, along with the Department of Public Works and City County Councilman Zach Adamson (D), who represents this area in District 17.

“The department of public works takes the money that the public sends us to fix the roads and we have to take those dollars and prioritize the roads that are in the worst shape and worst condition and have the highest traffic,” said Adamson.

Adamson said he’s happy to meet with the residents and pass their concerns along to DPW.

Monday afternoon, the mayor’s office said it was sending our inquiry over to DPW. By Monday evening, that department responded by confirming that its operations team is now looking into the matter.

“You would think they would jump on this and take care of this problem,” said Wilson.

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