Hoosiers deal with heat-related issues as 90-degree weather returns

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – As 90-degree weather returns to central Indiana, area emergency rooms are seeing more patients with heat-related illnesses.

Symptoms include cramping, confusion, dizziness and weakness. And while Hoosiers all deal differently with the heat, health professionals say it’s best not to risk going outside if you don’t have to.

“Don’t go out in the heat like this if you’re not physically fit to do this,” said Dr. Howard Levitin, an ER physician with Franciscan Health. “Don’t exercise and try and push yourself in this type of heat. Don’t act tough and say I can withstand this, when the risks are pretty high.”

The most common treatment is to find cool shelter and drink plenty of fluids. If symptoms persist, seek out medical help.

“Go inside, cool off, and drink fluids – in most cases that’s sufficient," Levitin said. "If they’re not improving, especially in the elderly where we may be seeing some confusion, coming to the hospital is really reasonable.”