Westfield woman donates unwanted sports equipment to kids in Honduras

WESTFIELD, Ind. – Grand Park hosts thousands of players for games at their facilities and sometimes things get left behind. A woman in Westfield noticed lost soccer balls were never claimed and came up with a plan to donate them to kids in Honduras.

Courtney Adams went on a mission trip with Humanity and Hope United Foundation to villages in the Central American country. She deflated 24 soccer balls from Grand Park's lost and found and packed them in her bag.

"All of the kids were running up trying to get one so it was really hard trying to tell them just because they speak a different language too, tell them to share with each other," said Adams, an athletic trainer at Grand Park.

Grand Park is covered with freshly painted turf fields. It's a stark contrast to the dirt ones some kids play on in other countries. Something so simple as a soccer ball made the kids' day in Honduras. Adams said these families don't have enough money to buy their own.

"I mean you could just tell they were really happy about it. They would run back and show their parents and take it to their house," she said.

She just got back from her trip so she does not have plans for another yet. Still, Adams hoped to pass more to kids in the future.

"If I could have, I would have fit all of the extra ones that we had in my suitcase just because you could see how much joy it brings them," Adams said.

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