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Electric scooters return to Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. --  Starting Tuesday, electric scooters will be back on Indianapolis streets and there will be more of them than last time.

You’ll recall, companies Bird and Lime debuted their scooters earlier this summer, but after some dispute with the city over regulations both companies pulled them off the streets.

Now, with a new ordinance in place, both companies, and potentially others have the green light.

Lime scooters have plans to drop 250 Tuesday morning, with more as the week continues. Their competitor, Bird, didn’t respond to our request for comment.

“I think it’s good,” said downtown resident Aaron Welcher. “I’m always about different ways of transportation throughout the city.”

It was welcome news to some downtown Monday; others, not so much.

“I’m not a fan of them just because of how much they get left out and how many of them there are,” said another downtown resident Ashley Jones.

Unlike when the scooters debuted at the beginning of the summer, the city has now a new ordinance to regulate the devices.

Among the rules: they still can’t be ridden on the sidewalk, the canal or trails like the Monon, and users are supposed to wear a helmet. Regulations say they also must be parked upright, not left lying around.

“There definitely needs to be some more regulation on where you place them,” said Welcher.

Bird is planning to operate as many as 6,000 around the city, a number that does concern some.

“Down here in Indy, when you have 6,000, they’re going to be left everywhere,” said resident Garrett Charton.

Most businesses we asked wouldn’t say how they felt, but some see the scooters’ return as a good thing.

“I think it probably increases traffic for businesses downtown and people can more easily flow through the city,” said Thaddeus Fry at downtown boutique Pumpkinfish.

Some have called on the city to create designated parking zones around town for those scooters to go in, no word yet on whether that’s something that would actually be considered.

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