Two hit-and-runs in one week in Meridian-Kessler neighborhood

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - People who live in Meridian-Kessler are searching for answers after two hit-and-runs happened in the area in just one week.

In the first crash, a woman suffered head trauma. A second crash left a couple unable to drive either of their cars.

The latest incident happened Sunday morning when a car struck two parked vehicles along Central Avenue near 41st St. The impact was so strong that one of the parked cars was pushed onto the sidewalk and then into the car several feet ahead of it.

Alex and Mahasin Martinson were asleep inside their home and had no idea their cars had been damage in such an extreme way. They were woken up by police who informed them about the hit-and-run.

"I honestly don’t know how this person drove away from the damage to their vehicle and how they were capable physically of driving after this," said Alex Martinson.

Someone called the crash into police. The Martinson's say they came outside and saw the scene. Debris on the ground included white paint chips from the suspect's car and pieces of a headlight. The only description given to police of the suspect's vehicle was a late 90's white sedan.

"It terrifies me that someone could still be out the street and hurt someone," said Mahasin Martinson.

The situation involving the Martinson's cars comes just a few days after a woman on a bike was struck by a hit-and-run driver near the Monon and 38th St. The victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for multiple fractures to her face. The hit-and-run driver was reportedly behind the wheel of a black truck.

"For us, it was property damage but for other people it could mean lives are on the line and that’s not worth it," said Mahasin Martinson.

They say they want to see the drivers in both these cases own up to their actions.

"We would just like accountability for ourselves and also the community," said Alex Martinson. "We think that’s important - that other people are safe."

If you have any information about these hit and run cases, you're asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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