Construction project that will shut down I-465 on southwest side set to begin Friday

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Starting Friday, September 14, INDOT will close a stretch of I-465 spanning from I-70 to I-65 on the southwest side.

The agency will close one direction of the interstate at a time starting with eastbound (Sept. 14 through Sept. 24) before working on the westbound side (Sept. 28 through Oct. 8).

“We’re looking at 110,000 vehicles that take that stretch of I-465 daily, so that’s 110,000 different vehicles that have to find their way around for each of those closures,” INDOT spokesperson Lamar Holliday.

Holliday says the project will focus on repairs including potholes, bridges, and the subsurface of the interstate.  The closures will affect I-465 on the southwest side between I-70 and I-65, a stretch that includes Mann Road, Indiana 67, Indiana 37 and East Street. The following bridges will be repaired:

  • I-465 over Kentucky Ave./SR67
  • I-465 over State Ditch
  • I-465 over White River
  • I-465 over Harding St./SR37

Holliday says closing down such large stretches of interstate allows the agency to minimize the time needed for repairs.

“When we take on a project of this magnitude we’re always keeping the motorist in mind and keeping in mind extending the life of the interstate,” he said.

Employees for businesses like “Bert and Den’s Grille,” which sits just off the interstate, say the closures will likely impact the flow of customers.

“We have some of our regulars who come in that how they travel here is through the highway. We have a couple of employees that travel here than come in through the highway. And then plus all the businesses around here,” Cynthia Firth said.

According to INDOT, I-70 and I-65 will serve as the detour route. Traffic that would normally use I-465 to reach 37 or 67 should use I-70 to Harding Street (Exit 78). Southbound Harding Street will take motorists to 37 or 67 using Kentucky Avenue. Traffic that would normally use U.S. 31 should consider I-65 as an alternate route.