Dry time returning along with a summer-like feel; Hurricane Florence to impact our weather


The October-like preview ends as skies brighten from west to east Monday afternoon. (Sunday’s high of 61° was the second coolest for the date and normal high for October 27).

The clouds are breaking from west to east and the return of the September sunshine in western Indiana is having an impact. Temperatures up over 10-degrees compared to the same time Sunday.

With added sunshine in the mix for the rest of the week, a real warming trend will get underway. Late in the work week, the combination of sunshine and sinking air, vented from the powerful Hurricane Florence on the eastern seaboard, sends our temperatures and humidity levels up. The air sinks and compresses strengthening the upper air “ridge” of high pressure aloft. The sinking air also heats up and we could potential nearing 90-degree entering the weekend.


Waterlogged central Indiana now getting dry time and it will be a sting of dry days. We need it. A record setting rainfall for the three days at 4.71″ in Indianapolis. Some totals exceeded 7″ in some locations.


Attention turns to the tropics Monday evening as named storms line up. The real attention is on major Hurricane Florence that has grown to a Category 4 storm with 140 mph sustained winds. Little change in strength is expected and current forecasts bring the storm to the Carolina coast-line Thursday. States of emergency has been declared for South and North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. Preparations are now underway out east to brace for the storm.

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