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Elderly woman says nursing home employee abused her, roommate

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A woman says she was abused at the hands of a nursing home employee. The 88-year-old claims the nurse came in the room angry and threw her in the bed.

This all allegedly happened last week at Northwest Healthcare Center.

Anna Taylor is there for a short rehab stay. Now, she says she can't move her arm and feels worse than when she got there.

"When she came over, she grabbed me by this arm and by my feet like you put a baby in the bed...threw me in there. Threw me in the bed," Taylor said.

Taylor says it was like a nightmare while she was wide awake.

"I said you hurt my arm so bad I don't know what you did. She never said a word she just covered me up and started to go out," Taylor said.

The bruises on her arm tell the story of the night Ms. Taylor says a nurse abused her and her roommate.

"And I said Lord this woman is crazy. Something was wrong with her that night. So, this lady was crying and everything and she was just telling her you can do more than you think you can do. This lady can't even walk," Taylor said.

Ms. Taylor says she has to hold her arm in one position to reduce the pain. She says an X-ray shows there is some damage.

"The man that took it said it should have been taken that night. But they didn't. That was about two days ago they took it. This happened last week," Taylor said.

We reached the owner of the facility by phone. He wouldn't confirm the incident or if the employee had been suspended. But the family was given an update.

"The lady told me said the girl had been fired. They had called the state board of health or something like that. They had been notified," Taylor said.

Her family came to the facility to check on their mother to assure her safety.

"She was here to get better. This was supposed to be rehab and she's worse now than what she was when they brought her here because she could use her arms when she came," daughter Laura Thomas said.

Ms. Taylor's family says they've had a positive experience with the nursing home up until this point. And they don't want to see this happen to another family.

"They picked on the wrong woman. She had 8 of us, it's 7 of us still around they picked on the wrong one," Thomas said.

We checked the public records and found the facility has a 5 star rating and no fines or penalties in the last three years.

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