Local group hosts largest naloxone distribution in Boone County in honor of National Recovery Month

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. – Boone County groups are coming together to tackle the opioid epidemic. Youth and Family Health Network put on a county-wide opioid awareness event in honor of National Recovery Month. The goal of the event was to arm as many people as they could with the lifesaving overdose medication, naloxone.

"The way things go nowadays and with fentanyl being so bad and just even touching it can cause you to overdose, you never know when it's going to happen," Todd Spenneberg said.

Youth and Family Health Network founder and executive director Michelle Standeford made this her personal mission after her son Troy's own battle with addiction.

"My son was also struggling with addiction and had been for 19 years from over-prescribing by a doctor who was also addicted," Standeford said.

The organization is a one-stop shop with community resources in one spot, such as treatment, family support, help with utility bills, and help with figuring out budgets.

Michelle Ziesmer received that same help when she first went into recovery. Now she's giving it back to others by hosting events for local people in recovery to show them their new life is meant to be enjoyed.

"Just really trying to break the stigma that it doesn't look a certain way, it doesn’t mean you’re bad, it doesn't mean you're alone and that there is hope and freedom on the other side," Ziesmer said. "People that believe it doesn’t affect them need to get curious about it because they likely know somebody that has been affected by it. It doesn't discriminate. Addiction does not discriminate."

The event on Wednesday was the largest crowd the county has had to go through the free naloxone training and distribution.

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