Summer pattern returning with small rain chances for days; Florence to make landfall soon


The warmth has returned Thursday with afternoon temperature surging well past 80-degrees. Some locations like Greensburg and Connersville have reached 87° late Thursday. The preliminary high of 84° in Indianapolis is the warmest in a week and we snap a streak of six straight days below normal.

Humidity levels are on the rise and that summer-feel is back for the time being. Add heat and humidity, along with mostly sunny skies, bring temperatures back to near 90-degree over the weekend.


The powerful storm has tropical storm force winds that expand 200 miles from the center of the storm and hurricane force gusts are just off the North Carolina shoreline Thursday evening. Weather buoys are measure waves to 13 feet and building.

The storm has slowed to 5 mph and continues on a northwest track. A turn to the west is expected with landfall likely occurring pre-dawn Friday morning.

Storm surge of 3 to 9 feet is still expected along with extensive power-outages and heavy rainfall that could top 2 feet in southeast North Carolina by Tuesday night.


The tropics are impacting our forecast here, slowing the pattern across the U.S. as storms churn in the Atlantic. Several systems are currently in the tropics, creating a logjam to the North American jet stream flow. Slow and steady is the forecast here along with a rise in the heat and humidity.

The air vented from the hurricane is sinking and compressing overhead, strengthening the upper-air high pressure or 'hot dome' in the eastern U.S. Our temperatures are on the rise, and may challenge the 90-degree mark this weekend and again next week.

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