Family upset after loved one still hasn’t been buried nearly two weeks after his funeral

A local family says they can't properly grieve because their loved one still hasn't been buried nearly two weeks after the funeral. The grave they paid for was flooded, but even after steady dry days, they discovered he was still above ground.

"I just want to do right by him. I loved him so much. He was my world," Audrey Meador said about her husband Louis.

Audrey says her heart is broken in more ways than one after her husband of 26 years died suddenly back on September 1. Louis' funeral was September 7 at Washington Park East Cemetery. Cemetery officials tell us several days of rain delayed the burial because the site was flooded and collapsed. Nearly two weeks later, the family called and was told Louis had been buried. But that's not what they found when they went to pay their respects.

"We walked up to a hole not covered with wood, not nothing. Mud tracks everywhere all over people's headstones," Dawn Meador, Louis' daughter, said.

Audrey says it was like reliving the funeral all over again.

"I lost it. I expected a mound of dirt you know and there was just that hole with I know it had to be two foot of water or more," Audrey said.

The Washington Park Cemetery Association general manager tells us there was a miscommunication about the paperwork to move Louis from the temporary mausoleum to the permanent spot. So they thought he had been buried. Now 12 days later the spot is still flooded, so he offered to move the plot to another area.

"This area it's just very low and everything drains to that point. Like I said even after the little dry spell we've had after the weather I did not feel comfortable when I was standing there," Mark McCrocklin said.

Louis bought the plots and headstone for he and his wife more than 10 years ago. Now the family says they want a full refund and to move their loved one to a new cemetery.

"We can't fully get closure and try to finish our grieving process until my dad is resting peacefully," Dawn said.

The general manager tells us he will discuss giving the family a refund. He also offered the family a burial for this Friday, but they declined.

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