Davey Blackburn discusses forgiveness, continuing legacy of late wife and unborn baby

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Pastor Davey Blackburn opened up about the loss of his wife and unborn baby when he stopped by the FOX59 Red Couch on Thursday.

Nearly three years ago, Amanda Blackburn was home with her infant son when three young men reportedly broke in, robbed the house and shot her. She and the couple’s unborn baby later died at a local hospital.

Two of the men accused of her murder have pleaded guilty, while the third is up for trial soon. While speaking with Fanchon Stinger, Blackburn discussed why he has decided to forgive the suspects.

“I don’t want to hang on to bitterness,” said the pastor. “Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily dissolve the perpetrators from what they’ve done, but what it does is it releases me from hanging on to that.”

Blackburn says he’s continuing his wife’s legacy with his mission to help struggling young men.

“Juvenile Justice Ministry – or JJM, and what they do is go in to correctional and juvenile facilities and minister and mentor to teenagers who are incarcerated,” said Blackburn. “Seventy percent of teenagers who are released out of incarceration are going to be repeat offenders and that statistic just blew me away when I heard that and it felt very personal to me so we said let’s do something about this.”

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