Honoring Jennifer Potter as the September Community Hero of the month

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Jennifer Potter, Assistant Manager at Brookwood Apartments on the south side never thought a normal workday would end with her saving not one, not two, but three lives.  June 6, 2018 Potter was driving a golf cart checking the property and noticed a group of children trying to help a little boy who was struggling after falling into the apartment pool.  Jennifer jumped off her golf cart, ran to the pool and jumped in to save him.  Little did she know his mother, Esther Thiang, was also underwater unconscious after struggling to hold her son, Jasiah, above the surface. Esther says she prayed to God before passing out, "It’s OK if you don’t save me, just save my son. And I was just praying and holding him and after that I passed out. I don’t remember everything after that."  That day Jennifer not only saved little Jasiah's life, she saved three lives.  Potter said, "I’m just so grateful I was where I was supposed to be that day so that way everybody’s here and everyone great and healthy and happy."

Fox 59 and Community Health Network reunited Jennifer with Esther, little Jasiah and family.  For the first time Esther talks about the day that almost turned tragic for their family and why Jennifer ended up saving three lives instead of just little Jasiah.  Fox 59 and Community Health Network are helping Esther and her husband thank Jennifer Potter.  Fox 59 and Community Health Network are also happy to honor Jennifer Potter as the September Community Hero of the month.

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