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Tired of household chores? Let someone else ‘Takl’ it for you

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It's like Uber for household chores. Takl is a company that provides a service now available in central Indiana.

If you don't want to “tackle” cleaning the garage, the app has you covered. Company officials say you can find help in minutes or hours – not days.

“Indianapolis is one of our newer cities. We launched the service from Nashville and now we are here in central Indiana. We are just thrilled with the response we've gotten so far out of Indianapolis,” said Jack Johnson, vice president, PR, for Takl Inc.

Takl allows you to have approved help at your home or office the same day for a variety of small jobs and chores. You can forget about the hassle of estimates. Chores are pre-priced and pre-defined so you know what to expect with each job.

The Takl Guarantee is the company guarantee for customers to have the best experience using Takl. If you aren't satisfied, they say they will work with you to make it right. Customers can download the app for their phone or visit To make it easy, they have 400 pre-priced home services. They don't do big jobs that require permits or licenses.

“We're not going to remodel your bathroom, but we're certainly going to clean it for you if you want us to. So we do a lot of assembly, house cleaning and lawn mowing. I'd venture to say we're probably getting close to being the largest lawn mowing company in the United States,” said Johnson.

You can also customize an order. Takl’s website has two short tutorials on their website to explain how it works. You'll also be able to see the photo and a background check of the provider along with their star rating, bio and distance from your location.

“We assemble a lot of furniture and we haul plenty of junk. Those are probably of our most popular job categories. Probably the most unique job that we get ordered a lot is to pick up the dog poop in the back yard,” said Johnson.

If you consider yourself handy, you can offer your services, too, with a quick verification and required background check. For providers, they can make some extra money just working part-time, when they chose to. For customers, it can save money and time.

“The great thing about Takl is there is no hassle and no negotiating. You don’t have to have someone come out and look at your job and then give you an estimate and then wait a week or two. You can get stuff done same day in most instances,” said Johnson.

As a customer, you'll explain what you want done then upload a few photos of your job to help providers know what it involves. And much like Uber, when the work is done, your credit card is charged. You will also be asked to rate your provider with one to five stars. No money is exchanged in person; instead it’s all done through the Takl app. If you ever have a question, you can chat live with the folks at Takl seven days a week.

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