Video shows wily Indiana dog ‘freeing’ his friend from cage

MILROY, Ind. – Apollo is one sneaky dog—and he’s not afraid to do a solid for a pal.

Owner Morgan Breese said she couldn’t figure out how her pit bull, Zeus, kept getting out of his cage. She said he typically stays there for about 20 minutes so Apollo, the Great Dane, can eat since they feed their dogs separately.

Lately, though, there’s been a problem: Zeus is somehow getting out. Breese called his escapes “mysterious”—somehow the cage door ended up wide open and the latches unlocked—and decided to get to the bottom of it.

Breese set up her phone to record the dogs while she was in another room. The video tells the story: the wily Apollo has been using his snout and mouth to unlock the cage so Zeus can get out.

“He’s been getting out for the past few days now, we noticed it when we would come home and he would be out,” Reese told FOX59. “I decided to just set my phone on a table because we had no idea how he was getting out! In the matter of five minutes, we caught the culprit.”

Reese shot the cute video around 6 p.m. Thursday, which is the dogs’ feeding time. And it’s clear Apollo knows exactly what he’s doing—keeping watch to make sure no one was looking to catch him in the act.

“If you notice in the video, Apollo kept watching to make sure we’re not watching,” Breese said. “At the time of the video we decided to look busy so it would happen and it did!”

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