‘It’s malicious and evil’: Parents heartbroken after thief steals from their daughter’s memorial

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KOKOMO, Ind. - A central Indiana family wants to know who destroyed their daughter’s memorial. On Sunday morning, the Carroll’s found barely anything left at the spot where they go to remember their oldest child.

“It’s malicious and evil, find something else to do other than mess with memorials,” said mother Tonya Carroll.

Shayla Carroll died in a car accident nearly three years ago. The crash happened just days after she turned 30 years old.

“I love and miss her so much,” said Carroll.

Shayla’s parents created a memorial for her up on a small hill, off W. Sycamore in Kokomo. The only thing left now at the site are a few fake flowers, a barrel full of dirt and a couple empty hooks.

“I feel like they took a piece of me when they took her stuff,” her mother said.

The thieves took flowers, baskets, other decorative items, including a cross with Shayla’s name on it.

“You could’ve taken everything but left the cross. The cross is what represents her for here,” said Tonya.

Shayla’s parents hope someone saw something, since W. Sycamore is a busy street, even a color of a vehicle could be a clue that could help catch those responsible.

“Why would anybody do anything like this? It’s hard to believe there is still people in the world like this,” said father Michael Carroll.

If the thief was out to hurt the family, it worked. If the thief’s purpose was to stop this family from decorating to honor their daughter, that’s not going to happen.

“We’re going to continue. If you take the next stuff, we’ll put it back. Just keep taking it if that’s what you want,” Michael said.

If you know anything that could help detectives catch the thief or thieves, call Kokomo police.

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