Autumn air returns!

After a rainy start to the week, we are finally drying out and bringing back the sunshine! A cold front has pushed well to our east and now, we’re dealing with cooler, breezy northwesterly winds and much less humid air.

Our dew point temperatures have dropped a whopping 20°+ in some area, from where they were on Tuesday afternoon.

Temperatures this afternoon our struggling to get out of the 60s. A few of us could reach the lower 70s but that’ll be it. So, prepare for a cooler evening ahead too. If you’re wanting to get some work done on the lawn, you’re not going to be dealing with anymore rain. Just a breeze, sunshine, and temperatures in the 60s during the early evening. However, some of us had some pretty hefty rain totals these past couple days, and it may take another day for your lawn to dry out.

September comes to a close this weekend. We’ve had quite a ride. So far, the month is coming in as the 8th warmest on record, the 9th wettest, and we’ve had eight 90° days!

However, those 90’s are gone and we’re looking at a very cool start to your Thursday morning. Not a bad idea to have the kids take a jacket out to the bus stop tomorrow.

Other than a cool start, tomorrow is looking to be near perfect. Lots of sunshine and seasonable temperatures in the low 70’s.

Enjoy the rest of the week! Temperatures stay seasonable to a little on the cool side and rain is looking to hold off through the weekend.

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