Indiana psychiatrist launches ‘first-ever’ app for people addicted to opiates

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- People addicted to opiates can now find hope -- in the form of an app.

It's called, Opiate Abuse: The Truth, and it's a free download on the app store.

The app was created by Dr. Michael Deal, an Indianapolis psychiatrist, and App Press.

"It's a very out of the box app," said Dr. Michael Deal. "The stuff in this app is not in the literature anywhere, it's based on my ten years experience treating people."

Dr. Deal has practiced psychiatry on the south side of Indianapolis for over 40 years.

Within the past ten years, he's treated more than one-thousand patients suffering from opiate addiction.

"There's a societal perception that people who abuse drugs, they do it for fun, they love it and they just get along great with it," said Dr. Deal. "It's totally not true. They hate these drugs but they don't know what to do about it."

Dr. Deal developed the app at the beginning of the summer and it officially launched two weeks ago.

The app has information about underlying mental health conditions, medical treatment options for withdrawal symptoms, and other information about the current opiate epidemic.

Dr. Deal said the app raises awareness about Suboxone, a drug he prescribes to patients to help with withdrawal symptoms.

"It's an attempt to not just take a step in the right direction, it's an attempt to change the direction of the entire approach to opiates," said Dr. Deal. "That's what I hope to achieve."

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