Kokomo park dedication has unique meaning for a fallen officer’s family

KOKOMO, Ind. -- A Kokomo park is being dedicated to a fallen officer who died in the line of duty nearly seventy years ago. It’s location is forever imprinted in his children’s minds, and now it immortalizes him.

Officer George "Al" Berryman died on Thanksgiving Eve in 1953. He and his partner were called to a family argument.  When they arrived, someone inside fired a shotgun blast through the front door killing Officer Berryman.

The last memory his son has with his father is eating at a place called Chet's Friendly Spot on N. Main St.

“I see my sons with my grandchildren, and I realize how much I missed of just having a father,” Ken Berryman said of his dad.

The park is now located where that restaurant used to be.