Yes, goat yoga is for real…and so is bunny yoga!

GREENWOOD, Ind. — Some people might think yoga is all about relaxing quietly, but a local yoga studio is doing away with that idea with the help of friendly farm animals.

In partnership with Tagalong Farms, Studio You Yoga & Pilates has been offering “goat yoga” throughout the summer months at Tagalong Farms Boutique in Franklin.

“People love yoga, but they probably love goats more than anything else,” said Chia Chu, the owner of Studio You. “They love cuddling with the goats, petting them and they all smile. They just have so much fun.”

In addition to goats, they’ve brought in pigs, ducks and rabbits, and don’t plan on stopping just because the weather is starting to cool down.

“They will jump on your back, kind of chew your hair, or find your shoes or clothes,” said Chu. “They just love people – they love to interact with people.”

Chu said animals add an extra sense of peace to the yoga sessions, even though it wouldn’t seem likely.

Starting on Saturday, Oct. 21, Studio You Yoga will offer a one-hour “bunny yoga” class where 10 bunnies from Tagalong Farms will hop around the yoga studio.

“They’re just going to be hopping around and you can pet them,” said Chu. “They will probably be on your mat sleeping, it’s just a fun thing to do.”

Studio You offers more than 50 yoga and Pilates classes throughout the week.

“It’s not just physical or stretching,” said Chu. “It’s also for your mind, because we all live in a crazy world.”

Bunny Yoga:

When: October 20th: 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Where: Studio You Yoga, 862 S. SR 135 Greenwood, IN 46143

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