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City wants input on Indy Moves final draft

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – For more than a year, the City of Indianapolis has been collecting feedback and working on a major transportation plan called Indy Moves.

The plan covers all transportation projects from roads to buses and bike lanes. Now that the final draft was released on Monday, the city wants to make sure they got it right.

"Indy Moves is the city’s first transportation integration plan," said Project Director Jennifer Wieland. "What that means is we’re building on all of the planning work that has happened in the city for pedestrians, for bicycles, for transit and for cars, and bringing that together in a plan that helps to prioritize across all of those different modes and think about how Indianapolis residents move today and in the future.”

According to the recent version of the plan just released this week, the city’s annual transportation funding falls roughly $100 million short of what the city says it would need just to maintain a state of good repair.

"I think the challenge is always just... we need to build new things (and) we need to take care of the assets we have," Wieland said. "So what Indy Moves does is try to articulate the projects that are the most important to spend that limited funding.”

Most of the public responses mentioned safety as a top priority. That's why of the 461 potential projects mentioned in the report, the five priority projects include safety features for many different types of transportation, especially walking and biking.

"The focus is on making sure we’ve got safe places to walk and bike, that we’re helping to provide space for transit and make it easier and more comfortable for people to take the bus," Wieland said. "But then also recognizing that people are going to need to drive, and we want that to work as well. Whether they’re driving themselves, or riding in a shared vehicle or riding in an Uber, Lyft or taxi.”

Another new form of transportation, electric scooters, also were mentioned in the report. Wieland says they too fit into the city’s future.

“Indy moves does think about new and emerging mobility, and so scooters are a part of that," said Wieland. "We've known that scooters were coming for a while and they are definitely here in Indianapolis. So part of what we do in Indy Moves is think about how we are creating safe facilities for people, no matter the mode of transportation they’re using."

The plan is nearly 50 pages long and mentions everything from roads to trails, sidewalks, and buses.
You can let your opinion be heard by leaving your feedback at

Public comment for the project is open until October 22, 2018.

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