Suspects wanted after CVS pharmacy robbery on north side

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- The hunt continues for whoever robbed a CVS pharmacy early Monday on the city’s north side, and who may have even fired a shot at responding officers.

It all started around 4:30 a.m. at the CVS near 86th and Ditch Road.

At one point Monday morning, police thought they had the suspects cornered but they jumped out of their car and took off, possibly firing a shot as they were getting away.

Police are hoping to find these suspects soon. The good news is that Indy is actually seeing far fewer pharmacy robberies than we were just a few years ago.

At the scene Monday, detectives were seen carting off bags of pills as evidence, recovered from a crashed car believed to be involved with the robbery.

“While officers were conducting a preliminary investigation there, they did locate what they thought could be the suspect vehicle,” said Officer Michael Hewitt, of IMPD, “before officers could turn on their lights to make a traffic stop it’s understood that maybe the car just stopped and the passengers took off.”

That’s the moment police say a single shot broke the early morning air.

“When they ran, officers heard what they thought was possibly one shot,” said Hewitt, “it’s unknown what direction that shot did or didn’t go, if it was intended for the officers or if it was an accidental discharge at this time.”

While this isn’t an isolated incident, overall pharmacy robberies are way down from just a few years ago. In 2015, IMPD reported 165 robberies, followed by 54 in 2016 and just 11 in 2017.

Police credit their covert robbery section, created for these types of crimes, for the impact.

“The main reason we saw our pharmacy robberies go from 165, leading the country in pharmacy robberies, down to ten or twelve last year, is because of the work that unit has done, with our federal partners,” said IMPD Deputy Chief Chris Bailey.

It is believed that two suspects were involved Monday morning, although police say it's possible others were involved.

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