Catastrophic hurricane within hours from landfall in Florida; rain and storms arrive in Indiana!

A lot to talk about this morning from rain here returning, a sharp change in our temperatures and hurricane Michael as a category 4 bearing down on Florida!

Hurricane Michael was upgraded to a category 4 overnight and remains very well organized and DANGEROUS, which means parts of Florida will experience a heavy, if not a devastating, blow today and into tonight. The threat of flooding, wind damage, power outages, tornadoes and loss of life are all on the table today! Michael will make landfall as a category 4 around 2:00pm today and could hold as a category 4 until reaching the Georgia state line. Fall breakers are highly recommended to call ahead before traveling this weekend down south, as clean-up could be extensive in several beach towns in the panhandle! More updates coming through the day...

Locally, rain and storm chances will be increasing through the day and into tonight with temperatures remaining mild with highs near 80-degrees! Cold front passes tonight, after midnight, as rain chances shut down, along with the milder air of late. Non-severe storms expected here but some lightning and gusts will be around through 2:00am tonight.

Colder air will hold through the weekend with only a few shower chances around, 7 day forecast below:

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