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Thieves steal grandmother’s phone full of irreplaceable memories

GREENWOOD, Ind. – Police are looking for the thieves who stole a grandmother’s phone. On Wednesday, Sharon Keen started the day like normal, her and her 86-year-old mother went to the McDonald’s off of Marlin Drive.

“Her and my dad used to go and we lost my dad in January,” said Sharon Keen.

During their morning routine, a couple customers turned into thieves. Greenwood police released surveillance pictures of the man and woman who they believe targeted Keen.

“You just feel violated,” said Keen.

The 68-year-old woman says she set her phone and keys down on the table while she went to grab her food up at the counter, that amount of time was enough for the thieves to strike.

“My phone’s gone, and I thought where’s my phone? Where’s my phone?”said Keen.

Keen isn’t too worried about the actual phone, it’s what was on the phone that means more.

“There’s a lot of pictures of my grandkids. They live in Ohio and I have five. There’s pictures of them growing up that I’ve had on my phone forever,” said Keen.

Detectives say surveillance video shows the man actually sitting down briefly at Keen’s table and then the woman joins him. Footage allegedly shows the man grabbing the phone, putting it in his pocket and then the two take off.

“There’s too much of this going on,” said Keen.

Whether the thieves realized they were stealing memories and even if they did, who knows if they really cared. This grandma has a simple message for these strangers.

“You should bring it back to McDonald’s and you’re not very nice,” said Keen.

Police believe the two suspects were possibly driving a dark grey Volkswagen. If you know anything that can help detectives with this case, call 317-262-TIPS.

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