‘Trumpkin’ pops up outside Carmel home with VP Pence and Putin-themed scarecrows

CARMEL, Ind. – It was the talk of the town last year, and now it’s back for Halloween.

The “Trumpkin” popped up this week outside a Carmel home near Main Street just west of the Arts and Design District.

This year the display is bigger in both size and message.

The pumpkin-head scarecrow made to look like President Donald Trump now stands next to a shirtless man — wearing a Russian hat. That’s supposed to be Vladimir Putin.

There’s also a cinderblock wall separating bigger pumpkins from baby pumpkins locked in a cage.

The “Pence-kin” is also back this year. He’s wearing an astronaut helmet and holding a lightsaber with a U.S. Space Force sign.

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