Bunny mural outside Indy restaurant covered up shortly after neighborhood complaints

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A controversial mural outside an Indianapolis restaurant was covered up on Friday, a day after reports that it was causing complaints by near east side neighbors.

The mural of two rabbits suggesting they’re having sex and smoking was finished this week on the side of Beholder, located on East 10th Street.

The polarizing artwork quickly received mixed responses, with some saying it was inappropriate and others saying it was all in good fun.

One of the owners of Beholder, Jonathan Brooks, says the mural was done by a Los Angeles artist who goes by Jules Muck.

Co-owner Josh Mazanowski told our partners at the Indy Star that the restaurant received permission from the landlord for Muck to paint the mural, but that permission was rescinded when the artwork was finished.

A painter for the owner of the building, Stenz Construction Corp., was covering up the painting by around 9 a.m. Friday.

The owners say they didn’t have a say in their landlord’s decision to paint over the work and they are quite frustrated with the decision. Brooks made his dissatisfaction known on Instagram by posting a photo of the painting being covered up with the caption:

“Very sad to be living in a time and place where a few adults can pretend to be offended by something they just don’t like, snowball some fake outrage and be appeased by the powers that be.”

Muck told the Indy Star she wasn’t surprised the bunnies were painted over because of the complaints on social media and the fact that Brooks didn’t own the building.

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