Indy teens set for Costa Rica visit to address gun violence, learn from Nobel Peace Prize winners

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – They marched, they chanted and they pushed for peace after the murder of two of their Warren Central High School classmates. Now teens from We LIVE Inc. are set to take their message to Costa Rica and learn from Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Brandon Warren, the founder and CEO of We LIVE Inc., and Destiny Hatcher, the group’s secretary, are two of 17 teens making the trip to the youth summit on gun violence hosted by the PeaceJam Foundation and Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress.

“Every shooting that happens here is our shooting is a community shooting we all have involvement in it somehow because we all have an impact of change,” Warren said.

“I think it’s more opportunities for me to serve my community as well and just seeing what I can bring back to the United States and within Indianapolis to help,” Hatcher said.

The PeaceJam Foundation works to help Nobel Peace Prize winners mentor youth. Next month, the teens will learn from Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams and Nobel Peace Prize winner and the former president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias. They will stay at Arias’ home and visit the University of Peace.

“It’s a chance for them to share strategies and to actually dig in and roll up their sleeves and think about how can they be doing things differently and what are some things they might want to try and sharing each other’s experiences,” the executive director of the PeaceJam Foundation, Kate Cumbo, said.

The Indy teens will sit alongside other young people, including survivors of mass shootings from Parkland, Columbine and Pulse nightclub, to find ways to reduce gun violence.

“I believe what we’ll bring is the urban community shooting side, our own personal testimonies,” Warren said.

The teens hope to bring the lessons learned in Costa Rica back to Indiana.

“I really feel like we can change the narrative and really bring outcome not only to here locally Indianapolis but throughout the country partnering with these kids,” Warren said.

The trip is scheduled for next month.

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