Eagle Creek Salvation Army unveils Colts fitness room

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A Colts-themed fitness room was unveiled at the Eagle Creek Salvation Army on Monday evening to give youth a fun, safe place to stay active year-round.

This year’s “Hometown Huddle” grant was given to the Salvation Army to repurpose its gym loft into a youth fitness zone.

It’s the 10th year the Colts and United Way have worked together to renovate a local fitness room.

“They decided to partner with us to help completely remodel a section of our gymnasium to help bring kids along in fitness where we can really engage them in a whole new way,” said Captain Anthony Bowers of the Salvation Army Eagle Creek.

Colts safety, Matthias Farley said he is excited to be able to give back and give local youth a new space to play.

“A healthy body is a healthy mind,” said Farley. “You have a lot of kids who are developing and this is a place where you can come, be active in a safe place with a lot of other kids that are around your age that live in your area.”

The Salvation Army hosts youth basketball, archery, ballet and other activities.

The fitness zone was designed to resemble the Colts locker room and features new fitness equipment and Colts memorabilia.

“At the end of the day, it’s just getting out and being active,” said Farley. “You can go out for a long walk, go jog, come here and play with your friends. As long as you get a sweat going and just remain active.”

Contributions from the Colts, Indiana Wesleyan University and the NFL Foundation helped make the project possible.

“We want to give as many opportunities as we can for families and kids to be able to develop their lives in healthy ways and to grow into productive and wholesome adults,” said Bowers.