Neighbor saves man from burning Edgewood home

EDGEWOOD, Ind. – A terrible fire in Edgewood has destroyed an elderly couple’s home. Thankfully, both of the homeowners survived because of the bravery of a neighbor.

Dianna Aldred has been trying to find what she can since Monday, combing through the wreckage of her burned up home looking for anything of value. The fire broke out around 9:30 p.m. on Monday.

“I had the bath towel around my face, and part of my body, and I just started running through where I could see,” said Dianna.

She realized the house was on fire after getting out of the shower. Her husband, Stephen, was in his bedroom, trapped and unable to get out.

“I took off running knowing they were an elderly couple,” said neighbor Jeremy Pattengale, “knowing it would be hard for them to get out.”

Pattengale saw the flames after a friend started banging on his front door, yelling about a fire.

“He was here at the right time,” said Dianna.

By the time Pattengale made it over, Dianna was out of the house, but Stephen was still trapped in the bedroom just behind a front window.

“I ran over to the window,” said Pattengale, “I couldn’t get the window open, so I decided to knock out the window and pull the window out and start pulling him through the window.”

The fire was so intense and with heat so blistering, the side of another neighbor’s home melted off in sections. So far, fire investigators don’t know what sparked the blaze.

“For the most part, everyone around is here not far off of their age,” said Pattengale, “so I thought if I can’t help he’s going to be in trouble.”

Stephen is expected to get out of the hospital Wednesday, able to see his family all thanks to Pattengale, who said he’s not a hero, but happy he could help.

“I had to go over there and shake his hand and thank him for doing what he did,” said Scott Flowers, Dianna’s son.

“You can’t replace a life,” said Dianna, “you know my husband is ok so these are just items that you can replace.”

The couple is in need of things like clothes and toiletries, along with other items like gift cards in order to start replacing things they lost. If you would like to help them out or donate anything, items can be dropped off at Redeemer Baptist Church in Anderson, Indiana.

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