Anderson police arrest couple accused of impersonating officers, robbing people

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UPDATE (Dec. 19, 2018)– Joshua Dawson received a 5-year sentence that will be served on home detention.

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ANDERSON, Ind. — Anderson police arrested a couple accused of impersonating police officers and robbing people.

“We take that very seriously,” said Major Joel Sandefur, with the Anderson Police Department.

Anderson Police believe Aimee Stout and Joshua Dawson targeted at least three drivers over the past few weeks. The two are accused of pulling over drivers, turning on flashing lights and claiming to be off-duty officers.

“They had a plan, a dangerous plan. Something could’ve gone very wrong with them. They could’ve been injured had they come across the wrong people,” said Sandefur.

Detectives say when the couple made a stop, one would get out and ask the driver for their license, registration and wallet. According to court documents, Stout and Dawson would tell the victims to “sit tight” while they took off with their credit cards and cash.

“They’ve been on our radar for almost a month,” said Sandefur.

One report happened at a Payless Supermarket and another at a gas station off MLK Blvd. In one case, the fake cops claimed a K-9 was coming to investigate the victim’s vehicle. Victims admitted to investigators they thought the couple was very convincible.

“The police are there to serve and protect, and when someone does this it creates a sense of doubt in their minds. ‘Is this a legitimate authority or is this someone else that is going to victimize me?’ That’s not good for any of us,” said Sandefur.

Court documents show the couple was caught on camera at a gas station trying to use the stolen credit cards. Officers patrolling the area noticed the distinct pickup truck at a hotel and then found one of the victim’s IDs in the dumpster.  The couple is facing multiple charges including theft, robbery and impersonating a public servant.

Authorities remind driver, if you’re pulled over and questioning if an officer is legitimate, you can always ask to see his or her badge. Also, you can request for an additional uniformed officer to come to the scene.

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