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Scooters could help fund bike lanes in downtown Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Indianapolis City-County Council voted Monday night to use scooter money to make streets safer for people that use alternate modes of transportation.

It's unclear exactly how much money will go into the new fund. Scooter companies pay a dollar per day, per scooter right now. Based on current scooter applications, the city could get up to $2.8 million a year from Bird and Lime.

The city's director for public works Dan Parker said the minimum they expect would be $400,000 per year.

The Indy Star reports the chief engineer for DPW Melody Park said at a Oct. 18 meeting, the funding would go toward bike lane improvements, cleaning bike lanes and resurfacing them.

The scooter money could be used for street improvements starting early next year.


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