Record rainfall to open November; Less rain and wind entering the weekend

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The rain keeps falling and the wind keeps blowing.   What a lousy start to November.  We have tied for  the 3rd wettest open to a November on record at 5 pm Thursday and the rain is still falling.   We have several more hours of rain but the coverage and intensity will begin the ease.   Already the wettest November open in 26 years and tying for the 3rd wettest open on record (1992 1.79").   Record for November first is 1.95" (1892) set 126 yrs ago!
The two day rainfall totals are well over 3" in locations like Bloomington, Columbus and Shelbyville. We've already entered the record books as the wettest for a close to October and start to a November. Indianapolis is at 2.21".
Well November is here and unfortunately is has open very chilly.  The high today of 49-degrees in well ahead of schedule - normal high for November 21st, and quite honestly it occurred well before sunrise.  Afternoon temperatures have been much more stubborn and held in the low to middle 40s.
We don't need to accelerate the seasonal cool down at all,  as November loses another 54 minutes of daylight and is the fastest cooling month of the year.   The average high lowers from 59-degrees on the first to 45-degrees on the 30th.
We will take every once of sunshine we can get - November turns cloudy with only 41% the possible sunshine.  It ranks third cloudiest behind December and January.
We have some sun in the forecast entering the weekend. Saturday will open brighter before a new front arrives Sunday.
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